The hygiene and cleanliness of our guest house have always been one of our priorities. For your safety and ours, the COVID 19 pandemic obliges us to strengthen our usual practices, in particular by avoiding direct contact. Despite these rules, we hope to be able to maintain the conviviality and the happiness of exchanging with you. You can find the detail below:



- We welcome you in:

  • respecting social distancing
  • wearing a mask replaced every day

- Hydroalcoholic gel will be put at your disposal during the reception from the entrance of our guest house

- We will use our own keys (disinfected several times a day) to open the door to your room

- Your room keys, previously disinfected, will be made available in your room

- The presentation of the room and the different features of the cave dwelling will be explained to you outside your room.

- During this period, tourist documentation will not be self-service, but will be available on request.



- A tablet in the breakfast room is reserved for key collection and payment

- Hydroalcoholic gel will be made available on this tablet

- Before leaving your room, we will ask you to collect your towels in the bathtub or shower

- We will use our own keys (disinfected several times a day) to open the outside door for you (handle removed)



- Depending on the weather conditions, and the number of guests present in our house, breakfast will be served:

  • on the terrace of your room OR
  • on a sheltered terrace OR
  • in the usual breakfast room.

- The places available in the breakfast room will be spaced in order to respect the social distancing of the different hosts.

- Hydroalcoholic gel will be available at the entrance to the breakfast room.



- The cleaning is carried out daily in all of our rooms, and common areas of our guest house.

Disinfecting door handles

  • key disinfection
  • disinfection of toilets, washbasins, baths and shower stalls
  • disinfection of shelves and tables
  • disinfection of TV, DVD and air conditioning remote controls
  • disinfection of switches
  • microwave and refrigerator disinfection
  • vacuuming + steam mop (99% elimination of bacteria) every day

- Sheets and towels are replaced

  • Daily for overnight stays
  • Every 2 days for stays longer than 2 days.

- Our rooms are ventilated at least 4 hours a day

- Air conditioning filters are cleaned and disinfected every week